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My Why.

My name is Ashley Gaal, I have been working within the autism spectrum and developmental disability community for over 5 years. I graduated from University of Nevada,Las Vegas with my Masters in Special Education working as a Registered Behavioral Technicianserving families in the Las Vegas/ Henderson Nevada area

I don’t know about you but, I hate that feeling of the unknown. As a parent who isanticipating new people coming into their home or dropping your child off at a clinic to receiveservices but not actually KNOWING what the treatment is your child is about to receive.

Here at Parent Portal ABA the intention is to give you all the knowledge you need to feelcomfortable and confident enough to start a professional working relationship with your futureABA team!


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Learn to think like a Behaviorist - yes, YOU!In this Parent Coaching series you will learn


How it works

Parent Portal ABA is here to help you receive a well rounded knowledge in appliedbehavior analysis delivered on your time and flexible to fit your schedule. Once you have anunderstanding of how ABA works and what the primary principles are, I can help you identifysocially significant problem behaviors, look at why these behaviors are occurring and give youthe tools to implement them while waiting for a diagnosis or ABA treatment. This is not a site tosolely rely on to provide ABA treatment. The goal of Parent Portal is to help you gain tools thatyou can safely and effectively use until you start receiving the services you are waiting for.

I know as a parent, thinking about starting something new, especially something that haspotential for great change can feel SUPER overwhelming. Don’t you worry Parent! I’ve got yourback. I have created an easy to follow teaching module where you learn at your own pace,either by listening to me explain it in short videos or by reading a short piece on each thing youneed to know about applied behavior analysis services as well as behavior change strategies.

The intentions of this platform is to support parents and caregivers on their journey intoABA services for their children who have been diagnosed with autism, developmental disorder,or strong maladaptive behaviors that need correction.

Think of Parent Portal ABA as your Personal Parent Coach - I will teach you the principles ofABA and make sure you feel 100% confident in these concepts so when its finally your familiestime to meet your ABA team, you can impress them with your already knowledgeable self !Pretty cool right?!

Social Skills- Along with learning all about ABA you will be introduced to working one on withyour learner in promoting social skills!!

We help to build Mental Peace & prepare better you!

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Parental Portal ABA don’t let you Suffer in silence.

I’ll teach you what you deserve in an ABA support team - and break down all the nitty grittyboring ethical stances that your ABA team wants you to know upon starting.

ABA is not made to control or manipulate your child, in ABA we know that your child is anindividual, ABA is used to look at socially significant behaviors so that we can promote thoseskills or decrease those behaviors’ to increase a quality in life you can feel confident in for alifetime.

Teach you how to identify those significant behaviors that are top of your list to target uponstarting with your ABA team. Every child is different, but milestones are the same, This sectionwill help you to identify those behaviors that are really important to your child and you. This canbe behaviors that need to be increased; like brushing your teeth on a daily basis or decreasedlike; screaming when help is needed instead of just asking for help. ABA can also be used tocreate behaviors like daily routines, or increasing job skills, and even preparing for a jobinterview and getting a date.

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