The Group of Five

Open or Closed is the first of five original art pieces that are tributes to two well-known artists and three art genres that will be minted into NFTs.

This five art pieces collection will be known as "The Group of Five."


Open Or Closed?

Open or Closed is a tribute to one of my favorite artists, Andy Warholand his 1960 iconic pop-art creation "Campbell's Soup Cans." Andy and his art were considered at the time and to this day, to be a modern, progressive, artistic, a creative thinker.

Can you figure out which can(s) or bottle(s) in the picture have been open and which one(s) are still closed?

When viewing the picture, look closely, think outside the box, and remember, there are several ways to open a bottle or can.

Click on the bottle(s) or can(s) that you think have been open. A checkmark will appear in the corresponding boxes on the left. Once you have made you have made your choices, enter your email and name in the boxes and click the submit button. You will either see the correct button light up or the incorrect button will light up.

I will be announcing the correct answer to the question of which bottle(s) and can(s) are open on February 19, 2022.

Share with your friends and family and enjoy.