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Our expert team of ambitious writers & publishers have a proven track record of producing innumerable popular content & publications.

Personalized Approach

Every book and the author is special. We pair you with a team that understands your target audience, subject matter to capture your voice.

Publishing Navigation

We work directly alongside the industry’s top publishers and marketing connoisseurs, who will put together an optimal publishing strategy and be your trusted guide.

Proven Process

Our team has top-notch expertise in writing and editing which has led to the publication of more than 1,000 books, most of them are bestsellers.

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Book Writing Services that Exude Creativity

At Content Hub LLC, we embark on the onus of orchestrating your book writing project scrupulously which ensures that every element is flawlessly executed.

A Simple & Effective Process

We exude passion in each book & rising author. Our process is simple, creative and result driven to make your book becomes a best-seller.

Preliminary Research

A thorough research is carried out about the book’s concept, any specific requirements and associated minutiae to get the relevant outcome.

The First Draft

The first draft of your book will be written with all the major pointers and chapters intact. The content will depict the tone of your story.

Adding The Aesthetics

While the first draft is prepared our writers add all the well-connected aesthetics in order to convey your voice and clear message to the reader.

The Final Copy

Some additional and influential content is added, complementing the visual explanations, examples and ensuring all chapters have a unique connection.

Proofreading & Editing

During this phase the copy is shared with our proofreading & editing experts who minutely refine the content with respect to grammar, punctuation and publishing standards.


A complete copy will be sent to you for approval. Your valuable feedback here is welcome and incase of revisions or add-ons, all necessary guidelines will be met.

Trusted & Considered by 1000’s of Authors of Various Genres

In these past years, Content Hub LLC has built valuable relationships with Authors who wish to write about numerous genres. Here is a small glimpse of their experience.


So far, my experience has been exceptionally good. I get immediate feedback when I have a question, which I greatly appreciate. I'm also very happy with their editing of my work. Overall, I couldn’t be more confident I made the right decision in signing up with Author Tribe.

Holly Longuski


They are a very nice and creative team who always communicate with everyone and are very passionate about their work.

Arra Hahn


I had an idea but couldn’t complete it. Author Tribe helped edited my script and most importantly marketed the book. If it wasn’t for Natasha, Sarah, Jake, and Linda’s continued feedbacks, support and promotional efforts, it would be an abstract idea, not an actual product. Really grateful for their work.



As a Novice in book Publishing and Marketing I have been persuing Companies that can accept my Venture of BagelToons, LLC and "Meet The Bagels Book" Fortunately, I encountered Content Hub LLC Publishing Company.

Irra Rubin


A Step by Step agenda was developed for my current and future goals. This is why Content Hub LLC Publishing Company is foremost in the book Publishing and Marketing industry having total concern for their clients. You may have the same success as I have projected associating with the Author Tribe Publishing Company. I sincerely recommend them to anyone that is considering publishing a book.

Christina Dickins


Satisfied. At first, I was really worried about hiring a ghostwriter. My book was very specific and close to my heart. It was a tough decision to trust someone online. But all my fears disappeared when I got a chance to work with them. The level of professionalism shown by each individual in the team made me feel proud. I can strongly testify that there services are up to the benchmark.

Cameron White


Book Writing Services that help Authors make an Impact

Frequently Asked Questions!

We exude passion in each project we take on. Our process is simple and we love to answer any query encountered.

What are the benefits of hiring a Ghost writer like Content Hub LLC?

Content Hub LLC has been serving clients from all over the world with eligible ghostwriters and reliable ghostwriting services that are 100% plagiarism free and authentic. Rather than just promises, we tend to deliver results under the time frame decided mutually.

How long does it take to write a book?

The average time to write a book for most authors is 180 days, or 6 months, more or less. Usually, it takes authors anywhere from 4-6 months to complete a book. However, you can definitely write a book faster than that.

How do books get published?

An author’s manuscript is keenly reviewed by publication agents and is further analyzed, amended, and mold in a form of a book. Once, the manuscript is ready, the publication agent forwards the final copy to the book publishing officer to be officially published.

Can I make money writing a book?

If your book is self-published by a company like Content Hub LLC then you’re legible for about 90% royalties and profits. This way you make a decent chunk from various platforms that you’re book is published on.

How many books sold is considered successful?

15,000 to 25,000 copies sold after initial launch of your book is definitely successful in terms of audience reach and profits too.

How do I market my book?

While working with Content Hub LLC, we market your book using the most effective strategies to target your preferred audience. Social Media, Blogs, 3 Page Websites & SEO are key essentials of our marketing process.

I have written half of my book, can Content Hub LLC help me complete it?

Yes, Content Hub LLC is a Ghostwriting company that can definitely complete your book as per its genre & standards. Our writers & professors will not only write but also edit, proofread and format as per publishing platform standards.

How much does it cost to get a book written and published?

Honestly, there is no fixed price because it depends on the pages, genres and publishing platforms. However, you can estimate a minimum starting price point of $999.

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  3. The impact your book must have on its targeted audience.
  4. Formatting & Publishing as per standards & guidelines.
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