The Gnome Editing Experience

How do we edit your book drafts?

It’s important to work with someone who understands your ideas and can gauge its potential.

We do not just proofread content for grammatical inaccuracies. Instead, we’d like to work with you, find your voice, and curate content that could resonate well with your audience in the editing phase. Based on the drafts you provide us, we will thoroughly offer your audience a holistic reading experience.

We know what the audience is looking for

Our team has juggled projects for a decade. We have worked with all kinds of brilliantly minded people emerging from diverse backgrounds around the world. As much as it is fun to learn new ideas and talk to different people, we have also fully grasped what works with the audience.

The global reading population is ever-evolving. From conservative readers to the avant-garde, there are all kinds of readers. We believe books have the ability to reach out and extend a strong influence on people.

Ideas are a pinnacle of this factor. Turning them into an enthralling read is our job.

Each draft will match a native writing style; it would be the closest personification of what you want your audience to read.

The groundwork

Phase 1:

Editing and Proofreading

Our team gets in touch with you over a phone call. We have prepared a complete questionnaire that allows our editing team to gauge your ideas to the best of their potential. It is necessary to fill out the complete questionnaire to help our writers do a better job. We may additionally use voice recordings or phone calls for further briefing. We also prepare a report suggesting changes regarding the book’s plot, editorial guidelines, character changes, suggestions relating to story progression and other necessary inputs required.

Phase 2:


After submitting the edited content, it is up to you to request any changes in the form of periodic revisions. We are open to providing unlimited revisions so that we can keep your hundred percent satisfaction.

Phase 3:


Once the editing phase is completed, we begin the final inspection of the book and QA to ensure it is ready for launch and foolproof in terms of content quality.


It takes us around seven business days to deliver the first edited draft.

Our Success Story

In our portfolio, we deeply regard one of the project’s success. It allowed our team to amplify the client’s ideas and turn them into a bestseller.

Let’s present to you the case of one of our esteemed clients Edna Weaver, a healthcare worker. Mrs. Weaver was in charge of the ER at a private hospital in Montreal. In 2020, she and her team heroically battled the influx of COVID-19 patients, attending to their care, all the while risking their lives and that of their families.

Mrs. Weaver was hailed as a fighter who let the front lines. She managed to protect her staff and residents from the dangerous exposure to the virus while maintaining adequate care and operations in her department. She recollected a great deal of stress and trauma from the year-long emergency services at her hospital.

As a healthcare practitioner, Mrs. Weaver had a lot of facts and insights to bring out in the world gained from her experience battling COVID-19 emergencies. After the first wave dialed down, she took some time off work and decided to pen down her experiences.

She started working on her manuscript and several months later, she was finished working on it. Our team had the pleasure of meeting with Mrs. Weaver to discuss her book. Since the pandemic’s threat still loomed largely, the doctor was called back into the long-hour and strict work schedule, preventing her from further spending time on her manuscript.

Mrs. Weaver enlisted Gnome Book Writing for editing services. We were very excited to take her on board and things looked good. She was confident about the project’s scope and gave us a go. Our team formed a close working relationship with Mrs. Weaver, and over the course of several months, the book edit was ready.

We regard working with Mrs. Weaver as a privileged experience. Our team shared mutual goals and we stood by the objective of bringing the best out of her manuscript.

We guarantee

It’s normal to have your doubts and many might be afraid to take the leap forward. However, we are a reputable name in the business and we’ve been doing this for long. We invite you to trust our abilities to get the best out of your ideas. Additionally, we only make use of our professional editing team and do not opt for outsourcing editing services. This way, we ensure your project remains in the safest hands.

Cost of our services

Here you’ll find the one-off cost of our editing services. This is charged immediately after you sign up with us. It allows us to get going with the working process.



Book Editing Services


Service Price List

  • Book Editing

  • Book Marketing

  • Sub Total $2500

Here’s what our clients say

I wouldn’t get the time to finish my book and it would be sitting on my computer for months. But one day, I found Gnome and it changed everything. They possibly did a superb job of editing my raw drafts. I was pretty embarrassed to give them in the way I worked but the team coordinated well and shaped it into a fine piece. Would recommend anyone!

— Renee McCarthy

We have a few add-ons you might like

Not only we specialize in book writing services, but our experience and expertise has enabled us to do just a little more and better. Along with writing, you can avail the following service packages:

Concept and Book Outline Report

Our team helps you with your book scope and ideas, gauging the best of the potential. We also prepare a complete book outline report that addresses your manuscript, any changes to plot and characters and their development.


Our core service specializes book writing, taking into account your ideas and outline and producing a stellar book. We work with you hand in hand to capture your ideas to the closest proximity. We have enabled many authors to publish bestsellers using our ghostwriting services.

Publishing, Marketing and Distribution

It’s the final phase and we have delivered a rewarding service to our clients in this domain. We usually go over the book a few times for final touches, we publish it on the platforms of your choosing and begin the marketing, distribution, and sales process.

It’s time to edit your book We can help

If you have made up your mind about publishing your book this term, schedule a call with our representatives for a free consultation. We will get in touch with you, explore your ideas and plan on how to take it further.

In addition, we will actively communicate with you on book updates, revisions, and any further information you would like to feature in the content.