The thin stamped overlay

The thin-stamped overlay is a stamped stone design that highlights the true definition and color of real stone. This option consists of two colored coats of engineered polymer -based concrete, followed by a third coat which is around ¼” in thickness.

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Slate Trowel Down

This application consists of two coats of colored, engineered polymer-based concrete, followed by a third coat which is hand troweled down to create a slate like texture which is combined with a design that you choose, or we can create for you.

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spray texture

This application starts by applying two coats of our colored, engineered polymer-based concrete. When the second coat of engineered polymer-based concrete dries, we apply a design stencil such as running bond brick, ashlar slate, cobblestone, etc.

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Epoxy Flooring System
Coloring Options


REO-Crete Designs, not only offers our engineered polymer-based concrete as a flooring option. We also install custom seamless epoxy flooring systems. These epoxy flooring systems are extremely durable, and impact resistant. They are tough enough to withstand chemical spills, and constant traffic of commercial spaces such as beauty salons, gyms, car dealers or retail areas but can also be installed in residential settings such as basements, game rooms, living rooms and more. In fact, these epoxy flooring systems are so durable, they can even be used in industrial buildings and airport hangers. We have an epoxy solution for any interior setting.

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